Where to Purchase Bioidentical Hormones

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Bio-identical is a term used to describe hormones that are made in the laboratory and have the same molecular structures as the hormones made by a woman's own body. The hormones are derived from plants.

Bio-identical hormones should not be confused with synthetic hormones that are made from the urine of pregnant mares. Drug companies can't patent a bio-identical structure, so they invented hormones that are patentable. Premarin, Provera and Prempro are synthetic hormones. They have been shown to increase the risks of cancer, heart disease, thyroid dysfunction and blood-clotting disorders.

Places to Purchase Bio-identical Hormones

You must first consult with a doctor before you can be prescribed bio-identical hormones. Your doctor will do a complete panel of blood work. It includes testing your oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA levels. Based on the blood work results, your doctor will be able to prescribe hormones that will therapeutically match your deficiency. You will be required to do regular follow-up hormone panels every three months. Once your hormones are balanced you will do follow-up panels every six months. Your doctor will refer you to a compounding pharmacy. Compounding pharmacies specialise in bio-identical hormones. Since Suzanne Somers brought to light the importance of bio-identical hormones, many more states have compounding pharmacies. Most good pharmacies will ship for free any where in the continental U.S.A doctor must call in the prescription to dispense the hormones.

Beware of Online Pharmacies

Since Suzanne Somers made public the benefits of bio-identical hormones, many online pharmacies are popping up. They mislead women into buying their products without proper blood work. Bio-identical hormones should never be taken without the supervision of a licensed doctor. Compounded hormone prescription order is supposed to be formulated to therapeutically match the patients' hormonal deficiency. Without a complete panel of blood work, it is virtually impossible to know what hormones are deficient. Some online pharmacies charge an astronomical amount of money to do saliva testing; again it is much safer to go see a reputable doctor.

If You Can't Afford to Consult With a Doctor

If you are in need of hormone therapy and you can't afford to go see a doctor, try taking the Peruvian herb maca. This herb helps balance your hormones naturally. You can also visit your local health food store for other herbal formulas that will alleviate some of your symptoms.


Take the time to do a thorough research before trusting a doctor. Most doctors have very little training on hormonal issues. A good doctor should be able to refer you to a reputable compounding pharmacy. All reputable compounding pharmacies ship for free any where in the continental United States.


Beware of online pharmacies willing to sell hormones without proper blood work.