How to Make Peelable Glass Deco Paints


Painted glass is similar in appearance to stained glass, except that Peelable Glass Deco Paints can be applied to any glass surface and repositioned, which is a plus if you are renting or want a temporary design.

The paints are readily available and projects are easy to master -- the entire family can participate in decorating your home.

Choose a pattern or picture to trace, or create your own design.

Figure out the colours of glass paint you want for your design as well as how many of each colour to buy before heading out to a craft store, so you only have to make one trip. Find glass paint either with the painting or stained glass supplies or in the children's crafts section.

Place your pattern underneath a clear leading blank, with the glossy side of the blank facing up. Alternatively, use a clear transparency sheet.

Trace the lines of the picture with the tip of the liquid leading nozzle. Begin outlining by placing the nozzle on a line and squeezing a small ball of leading onto the blank. Lift the nozzle slightly away from the surface and continue squeezing as you pull the nozzle over to the end of the line. Repeat until your entire design is outlined with the liquid leading. Allow the leading to dry completely before continuing.

Fill in your picture with the glass paint colours of your choice. Scribble the paint in with the nozzle of the bottle, filling in the design completely, just to the top of the leading lines.

Allow the paint to dry completely. Check periodically by picking up the blank or transparency and looking at the bottom of the design. If it appears milky, it is not all the way dry yet.

Peel the paint slowly from the backing so it does not tear. Place your finished design on any glass surface.