How can I get my emails from an old email address?


If you have multiple e-mail addresses but would prefer to use just one, you can still collect e-mail from your old e-mail addresses by enabling an auto-forwarding feature. This will allow you to still monitor messages coming through your old e-mail address without having to worry about checking different addresses.

Log in to your old e-mail address. If you don't remember your password, look around for a password retrieval link. You will probably be asked a personal question like your mother's maiden name or your favourite pet, and then you will be given your password and will be able to log in.

Go to the POP/Forwarding area of your e-mail. This is generally in the settings area. Make sure all POP and forwarding settings are enabled. Then log out.

Log in to your new e-mail address and go to the POP/Forwarding area (again, most likely found in the settings area).

Find the receive mail option. You will need to enter your full e-mail address and give it a name. Once you confirm the email address is yours, an e-mail will be sent to the old e-mail address.

Log back in to your old account and follow the verification link. You will need to enter some information about your e-mail client (including SMTP and IMAP information) as well as your password. However, once you have submitted the information, you should start receiving e-mails from your old address at your new address momentarily.