How to finish the edges on a latch hook rug

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A completed latch hook project often becomes either a rug or a pillow. For both, the proper finish will prevent fraying and preserve your handmade latch hook piece. Choose one of these options for finishing your project and look forward to years of use and enjoyment.

Cut the excess mesh off of your latch hook rug at about 4 cm (1 1/2 inches) from where your hooked rug ends. Trim only a short segment to start with, in order to prevent fraying. Sew that segment as directed below, then trim more as needed.

Fold the edge of the cut mesh over on the back so there will be no mesh visible from the front side. Then sew to secure the fold, making sure that each square of the unprinted mesh is sewn onto the printed or main part of the canvas.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 alternately, cutting the mesh and then folding and sewing that section, until you have completed the entire rug on all four sides.

With the back of the rug still facing you, position the bias tape over the raw edges of mesh with one side of the bias tape lined up with the folded mesh edge.

Sew the bias tape in place with small stitches, beginning with the outer edge of the bias tape, the side lined up with the folded mesh edge. Make sure that each square of the mesh is secured to the bias tape. Then sew the inner edge of the bias tape to the mesh, covering the raw mesh edges for a neat finished backing.

Cut a piece of cloth 10 cm (4 inches) longer and wider than your latch hook rug. Fold all four fabric edges over on the wrong side of the fabric by three-quarters of an inch. Pin the folds.

Pin the right side of the fabric to the right side of the latch hook rug. Sew the two pieces together on three sides, making sure that you sew each square of the mesh to the fabric. Use small stitches so they are strong enough to hold the stuffed pillow together.

Turn the pillow right side out and stuff with fiberfill. Tuck in the fabric and mesh, pin and then sew your pillow closed.