How to cook lamb steaks

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Lamb is enjoyed by many around the world. It is the meat of sheep that are slaughtered before turning a year old, usually between four and nine months. Because of the young age, the meat is tender and has a delicate flavour.

As with any animal, lamb has different cuts that can be cooked in many ways, such as lamb steaks. For a delicious meal that's simple and quick to cook, try broiling lamb steaks for your family's next dinner.

How to cook lamb steaks

Rinse the one-inch-thick lamb steaks under cold running water to wash off any blood left on them. Pat dry with a paper towel.

Peel and cut the onion and garlic cloves into small pieces and place in a bowl. Add the lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika to the bowl. Stir the resulting marinade with a whisk until completely mixed together.

Reserve ΒΌ cup of the marinade and refrigerate. Place lamb steaks in a large bowl and pour the marinade over them. Cover and let sit in the refrigerator for four hours, turning the steaks over once to make sure both sides are marinated.

Move the oven rack to the second rang from the top element. Preheat the oven to 205 degrees C (400 degrees F).

Remove the lamb steaks from the marinade and place on the rack of the broiling pan. Wrap the broiling pan and its rack with aluminium foil to help keep the mess to a minimum. Poke a couple of holes in the aluminium covering the rack so the grease from the meat still drains to the pan below.

Broil the lamb steaks for six minutes on one side and turn over. Spoon some marinade over the tops and continue cooking for six minutes more. You may need to cook longer for thicker steaks.

Take the pan out of the oven and check the meat's temperature with a meat thermometer. The recommended temperature for lamb is 65 to 70 degrees C (150 to 160 degrees F), but some prefer lamb at 63 degrees C (145 degrees F) (i.e., less done). Add the reserved marinade if desired when serving.