How to remove a scratch from a flat screen tv

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Nothing ruins a good flat screen television faster than a scratch. Your dog jumped on the TV, or your young children got too close with their toys and hit it. Whatever the case, a scratch will be visible whenever the TV is on and will distract you from actually watching the program as you stare at the scratch. Buying a new TV or screen is too expensive when the problem is only a scratch. Here are several methods you can try to remove the scratch yourself, and save some money in the process.

Check the TV's warranty. If it is still under warranty, check with the store or the manufacturer and ask if they cover scratches under the warranty. If they do, they will repair your TV for free.

Use a scratch kit on your television screen. These kits, which are made for flat screen TVs and computer monitors, can be bought online or in an electronics store. This is the safest method to use on your flat screen. If you want to try a home remedy instead, continue to Step 3.

Clean the TV screen with a soft cloth dipped in diluted isopropyl alcohol. This method will hide the scratch with clear lacquer. If you want to try petroleum jelly instead, skip to Step 9.

Place a small dab of auto rubbing compound onto the scratch on the screen. Use a piece of felt to rub the scratch until the antiglare coating has been removed from the scratched area. Remember that the coating will be gone permanently, so skip this method if you do not want to remove it.

Clean the scratch again with a soft cloth and diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove the auto rubbing compound.

Measure and cut out a 5-millimeter hole in a piece of paper. This will allow you to fix only the scratch without damaging the screen around it.

Place the paper on the screen so the hole is over one end of the scratch. Spray clear lacquer onto the hole.

Move the paper up the scratch and spray the clear lacquer onto each section until the entire scratch is covered. Allow the lacquer to dry.

Dip a soft cloth in diluted isopropyl alcohol and clean the scratch. This method will use petroleum jelly to repair the scratch. This is only a temporary fix, and the petroleum jelly may disappear over time to reveal the scratch again.

Coat the end of a cotton swab in petroleum jelly and rub it into the scratch until the entire scratch is covered.

Wipe the excess petroleum jelly away with a soft cloth. Clean around the scratch with the diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue. This method will fill the scratch, but you may notice a slight blur in the area, especially if the scratch is large.

If these methods do not work, or you want to try a different method, take a white pencil eraser and rub it over the scratch. After a few minutes the scratch should disappear, but the eraser may leave a mark behind.

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