How to Hang a Voile

Curtains can add colour and protection to a home, decorating a window and keeping out sun glare or prying eyes. However, some curtains also block out significant amount of light, leaving a room looking dark and dull.

Voile curtains are made of thin fabric which allows light to filter through, cutting down on glare without completely blocking out the sun. These curtains come in panels and swag pieces which you can easily hang from curtain rod to decorate your home.

Check the tag on your voile curtains to find out if it is appropriate to iron them, or if they are creased in a specific design. If ironing is appropriate, iron the curtains on low heat to remove wrinkles or unwanted creases in the fabric.

Hang voile panel curtains on curtain rods. These curtains come with a small seam or sleeve. Insert the curtain rod through the sleeve to attach the curtains.

Manoeuvre the panels along the curtain rod until they are appropriately placed. Some curtains include a voile swag; if you intend to use a swag, be sure to position the curtains so they will work well with your style and the swag.

Drape the voile swag over the curtain rod so the two loose ends of the swag are behind the curtain rod (closer to the window), and the centre fabric is in front. Spread out the swag so it covers the areas you need it to cover; adjust the length so the two ends are hanging equally. The ends tucked behind the curtain rod will keep the swag in place; you do not put the curtain rod through the swag in any way.

Attach the curtain rod to your window so the voile swag is in place with the ends between the rod and the window.