How to Spoof a Caller ID

Caller identification spoofing is an electronic practice, originally developed by telephone hackers known as "phreaks," that dates back as far as caller ID service itself. Because the Caller ID service relies on audible, in-band signals, a properly equipped computer and connected telephone can emulate the caller ID signal to cause spurious entries on a caller ID display device.

Download the Software Orange Box. There are a number of Caller ID spoofing software packages available both commercially and for free, but the Software Orange Box is a stable application that does not come bundled with viruses, spyware or other computer malware. The Software Orange Box (S.O.B. Caller ID Generator) can be downloaded from reputable sources like SourceForge or from the link at the bottom of this article.

Configure the Software Orange Box to work with your computer. To interface with the telephone line, the Software Orange Box needs to communicate with your computer's sound card. There is no formal installation process, but you may want to click the "Format" button and experiment with the software options to find the one that works best with your computer.

Populate the Software Orange Box with the information you want to display. In the software display, enter the telephone number you want displayed in the "Number" field and the name you want displayed in the "Name" field. Do not use any special characters such as asterisks, as some caller ID boxes may not be able to properly interpret these symbols.

Make a call to (or wait for a call from) someone who subscribes to caller ID service. In order to spoof caller ID information, you will need an active connection to a caller ID customer. Note that, due to their out-of-band signalling, caller ID spoofing does not work with mobile or cellular telephone.

During the conversation, press the "Play" button on the Software Orange Box. Pressing the "Play" button will cause the Software Orange Box to emulate caller ID data, sending the information you entered into the program to the other party's caller ID display box.

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