How to cook chicken gizzards and hearts

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Chicken gizzards and hearts is a dish from the US southern states, but not so popular in the UK. The most common way of serving this dish is simply hot and fried. Many also bake the chicken gizzards and hearts, but for this recipe you will be frying only. To bake, simply follow the directions below and then place in an oven at 218 degrees C (425 degrees F) for 25 minutes. Follow these directions and enjoy the most Southern dish available anywhere.

Cut away all the fat and gristle that is on the outer sections of the hearts and gizzards, and then wash under cold water. Parboil the hearts and gizzards by placing them in a large pot with cold water and boil for 15 minutes.

Mix the seasoned salt and all-purpose flour in a plastic bag by closing the end of the plastic bag and shaking it briskly. Coat the gizzards and hearts by placing them in the plastic bag and shaking with the top closed. This will cover the pieces and keeps the mess in the bag.

Add oil to frying pan so that when gizzards and hearts are added, the oil covers them halfway. Heat the oil to boiling on high heat. Place the pieces into the hot oil, and cook until both sides are brown. Remember to flip the pieces every 3 minutes to check for burning.

Turn down the heat to medium and cover the frying pan for 10 minutes. After cooling, remove all pieces from the pan and let them drain on a bed of paper towels. Serve as is, or reheat for a hot dish.

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