How to erect a metal shed

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A metal shed is an affordable way to add additional space to your home. Metal shed kits are easy to put up. You can easily erect one in a day's time---and you can usually do most of the work by yourself. The sheds basically consist of metal frame members and panels. The pieces are secured together with screws or nuts and bolts, so the tools needed are minimal.

Contact your local council to determine whether you need a building permit for your metal shed. If you fail to do this, you could be made to move the structure or tear it down later.

Decide on the ideal location for your metal shed. The land will be in a level, well-drained area that's easy to get to. (You don't want to walk a mile to retrieve things you have stored there.)

Choose a foundation/flooring for your metal shed. You can simply use a metal floor kit and 2 by 4s and plywood. HOwever, this won't hold a lot of weight. It will also be subject to rotting and deterioration over time.

You can also build a foundation with sleepers or pressure-treated wood and have a gravel floor. It's an easy, inexpensive choice. You may have a problem with groundwater, though.

A concrete pad is the best foundation/flooring to erect a metal shed on. It will hold a lot of weight and give the structure a strong foundation. Laying concrete is time-consuming and costly, though.

Put on your protective gloves to erect a metal shed. Sort through the shed kit and separate the parts. You'll basically have the frame members, the side panels, roof panels, doors, roof cap and nuts, bolts and screws. All the pieces are numbered for easy identification.

Assemble the frame of the metal shed using a power drill, socket and pliers. You'll also need a ladder to reach the high parts. Start at one corner. Following the instructions, you'll find that all the pieces have pre-drilled holes. You must align two holes of two frame members then bolt them together. Install the roof gable frames as well.

Attach the metal panels to the frame one-by-one by positioning them into place, side-by-side, then screwing them on.

Position the roof panels into place and screw them on. The roof cap is a long plastic or metal piece that runs from the front to the back. It covers the middle seam. To erect a metal shed, the roof cap goes on last. You and a helper will position it into place and screw it down.

Slide the metal shed doors into the tracks on the front of the structure. You may have to screw the plastic handles onto the doors as well.

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