How to Fill in a Golf Score Card

There are several aspects of the game of golf that can confuse a person new to the sport. One of these things if a golf scorecard. Knowing how to properly fill out a golf scorecard is important if you want to know how well (or how poorly) you played while out on the course.

This information will also come in handy if you ever wish to be a caddie or if you want to play in any type of golf tournament.

Begin by filling in your name and the names of other golfers in your group in the name column on the far left side of the golf scorecard.

Mark which tee box you will be playing from on the golf course. The different tees will be listed in the top left and/or bottom left corner of the scorecard. You can circle the tee box or place a check mark next to the tee box you'll be playing from on that particular day.

Keep track of how many strokes you take on each hole. This can be done mentally, by writing the strokes down on paper or using a stroke counter (see Resources below).

Write down the amount of strokes it took you to complete each hole. For example, if it took you six strokes to finish the first hole, you would write the number "6" in the column for hole 1 next to your name. Continue doing this for each hole until you finish the front nine.

Add up your score from the front nine and write that number in the "Out" column. You may notice that there is a slash found in the middle of the "Par" box in the "Out" column, as well. If so, write your total in the blank spot of the par box to compare your score with the "Par" score for the front nine. In other words, if par for the front nine was 37 and your score was 47, the box would read "37/47."

Continue filling in your score for each hole of the back nine. When you're finished, total up the score for the back nine only and write that number in the "In" box. Write that number in the "Par" box found beneath the "In" box if the option is available, as well.

Add up your front and back nine scores. Write this number in the "Total" box found directly next to the "In" box. Some golf scorecards will also have a slot for your plus/minus score found to the right of the "Total" box. To find this score, subtract the par for the course from your total score. For example, if par for the course is 73 and your total was 83, the equation would be 83-73. Your score would be +10.