How to perform vibrating plate exercises

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Vibrating exercise machines claim to provide massage, strength toning, improved circulation and weight loss. The vibrating plate creates an unstable environment that causes your brain and muscles to work together to stabilise yourself on the moving surface.

Step onto the vibration machine with both feet hip-width apart. Grab the support hand rails.

Turn the vibration plates on with the power button in the centre of the LCD display.

Select the program you wish to use, depending on the level of vibration you exercise want and the goal of using the vibrating plate. Low-level vibration will provide massage. Choose a medium speed to burn fat and get a light strength workout. Select a higher level for a more muscle-toning vibration exercise.

Stay on the vibration machine for 10 to 20 minutes for core work and muscle toning. Use the machine for 30 to 60 minutes to burn calories.

Remove your hands from the rails if you can do so without falling off the vibrating plate. This will increase the effectiveness of your workout. Use the machine every day, or incorporate it into your strength training and cardio routine.

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