What Is a Fairy Door?

Fairies bring good luck to those who believe, but without an invitation, you'll need more than luck to experience their magic. Fairy doors are tiny portals through which these mystical creatures can come and go.


Fairy doors can be made of virtually any material. Wood, stone, cement, stucco, even Popsicle sticks will do.


Fairy doors can be found in all colors. Fairies are not choosy. They simply need an invitation. If you're thinking of installing one of these enchanted entrances, choose colors that match your decor. Decorate them with nature's gifts, a little whimsy, and a lot of imagination.


Wee fairy doors can be placed anywhere in your home or garden. Inside the home, they can be found along baseboards, around fireplace mantles, next to front doors or in the middle of a wall. In the garden they are common against rocks, stumps and close to water features.


Fairy doors come in all shapes and sizes. Imagine your favorite fairy and build a door to suit.

Other Creatures

While legendary beautiful winged fairies are most common, all sorts of mystical creatures may consider themselves welcome through a fairy door. From gnomes and pixies to brownies and dwarfs, expect the unexpected at all times.


Magic and enchantment surround those with the imagination and creativity to put a fairy door in their homes or gardens.

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