How to get helium tanks filled

Refilling a helium tank is simply a matter of locating a gas company and taking the tank to the facility for a charge.

Check the telephone directory yellow pages for industrial or commercial gas distributors, especially cylinder or bulk retailers.

Contact party-supply retailers online or find them in the telephone directory. Most party-supply retailers rent or sell helium tanks and can refill them.

Call a medical-supply company that specialises in oxygen tanks. Many carry other types of pressurised gas, including helium.

Ask a florist if the shop stocks helium. Many florists deliver helium-filled balloons to accompany floral arrangements and get-well gifts, and so they keep helium on hand.

Contact a special-events catering company. Many carry helium tanks for parties.

Buy a pre-filled helium tank at a large retail store if all efforts to locate a helium distributor are unsuccessful. Most big-box chain stores sell disposable helium tanks with a supply of balloons for children's parties.

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