How to use a zennox 700 x 76 telescope

There are two kinds of telescopes, reflector and refractor. The reflector uses mirrors to view planets while the refractor uses glass lenses. The Zennox 700 x 76 telescope is a reflector telescope. This small model is great for beginners to learn and understand how to use a telescope. With larger models you will be able to view more detail in the planets, but the 700 x 76 allows you to see enough detail to make any planetary buff happy.

Notice the mirror at the bottom end of the telescope tube. This is the primary mirror and it can be adjusted by the three screws that attach to it. Look through the eyepiece on top of the telescope and turn each screw as needed to make the mirror line up with the eyepiece and secondary mirror. The object is to tilt the primary mirror enough to reflect light to the secondary mirror, which is located closer to the top of the telescope.

Adjust the secondary mirror. If you look through the eyepiece and it is blurry then turn to the secondary mirror and try to get it lined up with the primary mirror. This mirror is attached by four connections called spider vanes. These can be turned from a single connecting bolt that holds all four vanes. Turn the bolt to adjust the mirror and line up with the primary mirror.

Line up your eyepiece. Make sure that eyepiece is aimed towards the centre of the primary mirror. This will finalise the line-up.

Check to see if the light is reflecting correctly. This will help line up the mirrors. Check to see if the light is reflecting off the primary mirror to the secondary mirror in a cone shape. If this has occurred, then the mirrors are lined up properly and viewing should be clear.

Re-align the mirrors to the Zennox telescope when using it again. Each time you use the telescope you will need to line up the mirrors and eyepiece so that you will be able to view properly. Change of weather and simply moving the telescope can change the mirrors' positions.

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