How to build foam board models

Imazza at Flickr

Foam board is used to make many types of models, but is most well known for constructing building models. This process is often used by architects to create a miniature mockup of a structure for which they have already designed and constructed blueprints. However, it is not just used for professional purposes.

School and craft projects, such as car prototypes, science project displays and glider aeroplanes, are all models that can be constructed from foam board. Here, you will learn how to build foam board models.

Draw a paper template. This can be done on your computer or by hand. Make sure the dimensions are correct for each building piece before starting.

Spray glue on the back side of the template paper sheets. Wait until the glue is tacky and adhere them to sheets of foam board. Using a craft knife and steel ruler, for straight edges, cut out all the building model elements.

Use UHU glue (extra strong adhesive) to construct your foam board model. Apply the glue to one edge of a model element and then briefly touch it with the joining piece. Pull them apart and wait until the glue feels just a bit tacky. Firmly join the two pieces together. This will give your construction a firm adhesion.

Glue your building model onto a sheet of foam board or a thin piece of plywood for display.