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How to make juzu beads

Updated November 21, 2016

Juzu beads, also called Bodhisattva beads, are used to count prayers and prostrations in Buddhism. There are many different configurations of juzu beads, but the most common is that of 108 beads, each representing the 108 earthly desires, with two parent beads. This configuration is known as the formal nenju. In this article, you'll learn to make your own juzu beads.

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  1. Cut the silk cord to about 3 feet, and tie a knot in one end. Slide on the first of the two larger parent beads. Tie a knot above the bead so that it is fixed on the cord.

  2. Slide on the first of the 108 smaller beads. Tie a knot behind it to keep them in place on the cord. Repeat until you have put on half of these beads. Tie a knot behind each bead. This practice--also used when stringing pearls--helps keep the beads in place and also prevents the loss of beads if the cord should break in the future.

  3. Put the second parent bead on, and tie a knot above it in the cord. Put on the remainder of the smaller beads, tying a knot between each one as before. You will have a knot between each and every bead on the cord.

  4. Tie the ends of the cord together with a double knot.

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Things You'll Need

  • 3-foot silk cord
  • Scissors
  • 108 beads, 10 to 12mm
  • 2 parent beads, 14mm

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