How to Make Loft Curtains

M. Meier

Living in a loft is romantic, but after awhile you may find yourself wanting a spot to call your own in those big open spaces. Loft curtains can help you do that.

Making your own loft curtains might be the best idea, since finding ready-made curtains long enough to accommodate your ceiling height might be impossible.

Decide what type of space you want to create and how big you want it to be, whether it's a living room, dining area, study or bedroom. Measure off the dimensions, and write them down.

Purchase fabric that enhances your loft decor. Choose a fabric that you can't see through, so you'll have more privacy and stay warmer on cold winter nights. To determine how much fabric you need, use an online curtain fabric calculator. See Resources below for the link.

Purchase and install the ceiling tracking system according to manufacturer's instructions. The curtain instructions in this article are for a basic hook system.

Set up your sewing machine and workspace. Have everything you need within reach; the fabric, several bobbins filled with the right colour thread, thread, scissors, ironing board and an iron.

Tuck the top portions of the outside hems under the top and bottom hems. Fold the side hems 1/4 to 1/2 an inch if they have unfinished edges. Pin and iron the side hems flat.

Fold the top hem and bottom hems under by 1/2 inch and pin them all the way across. Iron these hems flat and remove all pins.

Fold the top and bottom hems again by 2 inches, and pin. Iron the folds flat and remove all pins.

Sew over the folded edges on all sides, and insert curtain weights within the bottom hem at the corners. Measure out evenly placed spots along the top hem where your hooks will be placed. Mark them lightly with a pencil, and install grommets according to directions in your grommet kit. Insert your hooks into the grommets.

Use a similar ceiling-based curtain system for your loft windows. Attach a track near the window frame and suspend your curtains from it. Loft window curtains should match the style and length of the space-creating curtains you've made.

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