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How to paint concrete roof tiles

Updated April 17, 2017

Concrete roof tiles can be wonderful accents that give the entire house an original and unique look. However, concrete tiles can become eyesores over time if you don't take proper care to maintain them. One of the best features of concrete roof tiles is that they come in bright and beautiful colours; however, these colours can fade over time and need the occasional sprucing up. Painting your concrete roof tiles is a great way to overhaul the entire image of your home. A freshly painted bright roof of beautiful tile is the ultimate face lift for a drab home in need of some love.

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  1. Clean the concrete roof tiles completely. Use a strong bristled brush and hot water with detergent to remove the grime, grease and layers of debris from the concrete roofing tiles. You can test to see if the area is clean by wiping it with the finger of a white glove, or a piece of a white cotton T-shirt. The tile should leave no residue on the cotton.

  2. Prime each tile with a thin layer of acrylic exterior paint. This paint should be the same hue as the final colour. Let the primer dry overnight.

  3. Paint each tile with one coat of acrylic exterior paint. The paint should be entirely acrylic-based and not mixed with any other medium like latex. Let the first coat dry for 3 hours or until dry to the touch. Paint another layer of acrylic exterior paint across the tile.

  4. Let the paint dry overnight and paint each tile with acrylic sealer. This will ensure that the paint will not chip or crack and protects the coat of paint from light weather damage.

  5. Tip

    Consider renting a pressure washer or hiring a professional when cleaning the tiles. The tiles must be totally clean to allow the paint to adhere.


    If you are painting on your roof be sure to have a partner steady the ladder for you to avoid a dangerous fall. Plan out your painting strategy ahead of time so you don't end up trapped on a roof surrounded by freshly painted tiles.

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Things You'll Need

  • Detergent
  • Brush
  • Bucket
  • Ladder
  • Acrylic exterior paint--1 gallon for every 15 by 15 feet of roof
  • Acrylic exterior paint sealer--1 gallon for every 15 by 15 feet of roof

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