How to Drain & Refill Home Radiators

Home radiators provide great heat on cold winter days, but they have to be maintained in order to run properly. A home radiator should be flushed and refilled about once a year to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

First, to flush a radiator, turn off the entire heating system and shut the water flow to the radiator from the boiler.

Attach a hose or draining pipe to the heating unit's boiler and run it outside or to a large drainage area.

Open the air vent on the radiator to release the pressure. Then drain the entire unit by opening up the heating boiler's system valve. Let the water flow into a drain until empty.

To refill the radiator or flush it, open up the water feed valve and then fill the unit with water. To flush, let the water run out of the flush valve until the water comes out completely clean.

To fill the boiler, close the flush valve on the radiator and let the unit fill up.