How to make eyes look asian

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Asian eyes are traditionally thinner and narrower than Caucasian or African-American eyes, which tend to be rounder and wider. Asian eyes tend to resemble the oval shape of almonds, although some can look even narrower than that.

Most Asians have only a single eyelid (meaning their eyelids don't have a prominent crease). You can make your eyes look Asian by using make-up or undergoing plastic surgery.

Put small strips of transparent tape on the sides of your eyes, and gently pull them back. Place the tape as close to your hairline as possible to prevent it from being visible to others. You can also use foundation make-up to cover the tape or let your hair fall forward to cover it.

Brush your hair back as tightly as possible and secure it with a sturdy ponytail holder or rubber band. This will cause the skin around your hairline and near your eyes to get pulled back. You will notice that your eyes will be slightly pulled back, making them resemble the elongated appearance of Asian eyes.

Use eye shadow and eyeliner to elongate your eyes. First, apply white or light beige eye shadow onto your crease to eliminate the natural shadow formed by your eyelid. Asian eyes usually have only one eyelid fold, unlike Western eyes that have a double-eyelid fold. The white shadow will help to mask the double-eyelid fold. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, draw a very thin line with eyeliner on your top lid. When you reach the end of your eye, continue drawing the liner slightly past the end in an upturned curve. The curve will give your eyes the illusion of an almond shape and eliminate excess roundness.

Get plastic surgery to make eyes look Asian. This is a complicated surgical procedure that works by changing an eyelid that has a crease (Caucasian double-eyelid) and transforming it into an eyelid without a crease (Asian single-eyelid). Like most surgical procedures, it carries risks of injury or complications.