How to decorate for a 75th birthday party

The average lifespan of an American is 77 years, which means someone's 75th birthday party should be a celebration of a long life. For most people, the 75th birthday party is a time to remember days gone by and to reflect on family, friends and events that made life worth living.

Decorate for a 75th birthday party with items that will help your loved one remember his or her long and meaningful life.

Decorate for a crowd if the family is large. Create a separate area for children to play in and a quiet area for adults to reminisce. Place photo albums in the adult area for people to look through. If the family is small, consider having the party at a nice restaurant as a special treat for the birthday person.

Decorate with silver. The 75th year is considered the platinum year. Of course, you can't buy platinum balloons or streamers, but you can buy silver ones, and that's close enough in most cases. For an elegant look, place white roses in silver vases or dishes, along with white candles in silver candle holders, rather than buying silver or "over the hill" balloons.

Decorate with memories. Blow up and frame meaningful photos such as wedding pictures, family reunion photos, and similar pictures from important events. Place them in silver frames and group them on a table. Consider making one into a large poster that can hang above the gift or cake table.

Hang a banner. Place a banner outside of the home declaring that it's the person's 75th birthday. Tie some silver balloons to the mailbox as well. This will lead guests to the right house, and it will also give neighbours a chance to acknowledge and celebrate the birthday person's long life.

Go back in time. Ask guests to dress from the era in which the birthday person was born, or from when the person was a teenager. If you have items or old toys from that era, decorate with those things as well.