How to clean driveway brick pavers


Brick pavers are often used on driveways and for other landscaping elements as an attractive alternative to plain concrete. You should clean driveway brick pavers regularly because they see a lot of wear and tear from vehicles driving over them and from fluid leaks, leaving them looking worn and grimy. Follow a simple procedure that will keep your bricks looking good for years to come.

Sweep the entire driveway to remove dust and dirt that has collected on the pavers. Make sure you sweep the dirt that has built up between the bricks.

Sprinkle clay cat litter liberally on any oil or fluid spills. The cat litter will absorb the excess fluid and make it easy to sweep. Allow it to sit on the spills overnight, then sweep it up.

Spray the brick pavers down with the pressure hose to wash away any remaining dirt. Mix one part household detergent to one part water in a bucket, and pour over the driveway. Avoid using detergents that contain bleach as this will kill any plants the water comes in contact with when you rinse it away.

Scrub the pavers down with the deck brush, paying special attention to any stains. Rinse the detergent away with the pressure hose. Repeat the detergent and scrubbing process on any stubborn stains.

Apply a commercial paver cleaning solution to any stubborn stains. Follow the package directions and apply only to the stained areas. Scrub with the deck brush, then rinse.

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