How to make fried chicken in the deep fryer

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Chicken fried in a deep fryer is a dish enjoyed by many people. A deep fryer more evenly cooks the chicken because it is fully submerged in the oil, creating moist and tender meat on the inside and crispy breading on the outside. There is also less chance of getting burnt from hot oil splattering when a deep fryer is used. Making fried chicken in a deep fryer helps to make a tastier and quicker meal.

Cut up the chicken. You can also use already cut-up chicken or just legs or breasts. Add the vegetable oil to the deep fryer and let it heat at 130 degrees C (270 degrees F). Set two paper towels on a plate for when the chicken finishes cooking.

Pour the flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika into a large ziploc bag and shake to mix together. You can mix the flour and spices in a bowl instead of using a bag as well.

Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the buttermilk. Whisk them together until they are completely blended. Take each piece of chicken and dip it into the buttermilk mixture. Next, drop it into the bag of flour and shake until the chicken is coated all over.

Wait for the light to go off on the deep fryer. Use tongs to put three or four pieces of battered chicken into the deep fryer. How much you can cook at once depends on how big your deep fryer is.

Cook the chicken for about 15 minutes. Take the fried chicken out of the deep fryer with a pair of tongs and set on top of the paper towel-covered plate. Add the next batch of chicken to the deep fryer and let cook.

Remove the chicken from the paper covered plate and place them onto another plate. Replace the paper towels on the other plate. When the second batch of chicken is finished frying, take out with the tongs and set on the paper towel covered plate. Add this chicken to the first batch of chicken and serve.

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