DIY: How to Install Louvered Shutter Doors

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Louvered shutter doors allow you to let light in and keep the shutter panels closed. The slats, or louvres, provide the light and temperature control you need in a room. They work best with windows that are a few inches deep. Installation takes less than an hour if you have everything you need.

Measure the louvres in the shutter doors. Measure the depth of the window. There needs to be at least an inch more depth in the window casing than the louvre’s measurement to proceed with installation.

Hold the shutters up to the window so they are centred and level. Mark the top and outside of the hanging strips on the wall.

Remove the hinge pins from the hanging strips. Take the strips off the panels.

Hold the hanging strips to the marked spots and screw them into the wall.

Place the panels up to the hanging strips and reinsert the hinge pins to reattach the panels to the strips.

Screw two magnetic catches to each panel, one at the top corner and one at the bottom corner.

Cover the screws with button plugs.

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