The Black and Decker Powershot staple gun accepts 1/4-inch to 9/16-inch heavy-duty staples and 9/16-inch type 13 nails. This particular staple gun is very handy for installing insulation, weatherstripping, mesh screens, carpeting, cabling and roof paper. It does a good job of driving nails into mouldings as well. It's a breeze to load with staples once you know how to do it, but nails require a bit more concentration.

Point the bottom of the stapler away from yourself or others and turn the gun until it's parallel to the ground.

Grab the track release button located under the curved part of the stapler and push it away from you to release it from the stapler. Slide out the track.

Turn the stapler bottom up and insert a strip of staples in the chamber. Make sure the staples are pointing toward the bottom of the stapler.

Load nails by holding the stapler with the bottom up and facing away from you. Insert nails on the right-hand side of the chamber only, with the tips pointing out.

Slide the track back until the track release button clicks back in place.


Wear eye protection when using your Powershot staple gun.