How to decorate a lamp shade

If you are looking to enhance the decor of your living room or bedroom you should consider decorating your lampshades. These typically single-coloured items are often overlooked when it comes to the decor of a room. Adding a decorative touch to your lampshades can accentuate your room's design.

Use fabric paint on your lampshades to add to the decor of your room. You could paint a white or neutral coloured shade a completely different colour. If you have a living room that is accented with red, consider painting your lampshades red, as well. You could also use paint stripes on your lampshades to match the colours of your room or polka dots to bring out a particular colour. If you have a certain theme on your walls, such as hearts or dinosaurs, use a stencil of the same shape to paint onto your lampshade.

Add trim to your lampshade to add an elegant touch. Attach lace to the bottom portion of your lampshade. Wrap the lace around the lampshade and attach it with a small amount of hot glue or super glue. You could also attach the lace to the top of the lamp shade or use a large piece to cover the entire shade.

Use ribbon to decorate your lampshade. Purchase a thick piece of ribbon made of silk, satin or chiffon. Tie a large, pretty bow around your lampshade so that the ends of the ribbon rest at the bottom of the shade. You could also use coloured ribbons to represent the seasons or holidays. For instance, you could tie red and green bows on your lampshades at Christmas.

Decorate your lampshades with fabric. You could choose a pattern that matches your curtains or bed sheets and cover your lampshade with it, securing it with hot glue. Additionally, you could cut out small pieces of fabric and glue them to your lampshade. You could also create a design with your fabric, such as a teddy bear to go with your child's room.