How to clean lime oak furniture

There is nothing quite as comforting and cosy as the rich texture of hardwood furniture. Oak is often the wood of choice for finer furniture and cabinetry. One popular method of finishing oak is the use of a liming paste.

This ancient preservation technique gives the oak a frosted patina that mimics the look of a finely aged antique. Keeping limed oak furniture clean is not complicated; however, great care must be taken to ensure the finish is not removed.

Mix a few drops of a mild dish washing detergent in a bucket of warm water.

Dip a clean rag into cleaning solution and wring it out thoroughly.

Gently rub wet rag across the wood surface. Do not scrub too hard or you will remove the limed finish.

Dry area thoroughly or allow to air dry.

If the liming is starting to fade, apply a liming paste to the wood with a clean rag. Wipe off excess paste and buff to a shine.