How to turn off a smoke detector's battery alarm

Smoke detectors in your home or on your property need to be on all the time for safety reasons. But if you want to change the battery or the alarm goes off accidentally, you will need to disengage the unit by turning off the battery-powered alarm. Every smoke alarm is designed slightly differently, but you can turn off the alarm within minutes after locating the battery holder and wires.

Remove the smoke detector cover. Twist open the smoke detector or gently pull off the top cover to reveal the motherboard switch and battery case.

Turn off the switch. Look for a small black switch on the side of the alarm. Some smoke detectors are designed with an on/off button and test switch that you can simply push to turn off.

Unplug the wire. You will see a small red or black wire connecting the smoke detector to the battery. Unplug this wire so that the alarm no longer has power.

Remove the battery. You can remove the battery entirely from the unit by pulling it gently out of the battery holder.

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