How to Boot an HP Recovery Partition

Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

Many HP computers are shipped with a recovery partition on the hard drive. This separate and dedicated partition is used for backup and recovery of system files and drivers in case the system becomes unstable. Using the recovery partition allows you to restore the HP to its original state.

Read the steps below for help booting an HP Recovery Partition.

Press the power button to start the HP, then press and hold the F11 key to launch the HP Recovery Manager from the recovery partition.

Backup any files you want to save. Follow the HP Recovery Manager instructions to save any important files before continuing with the Recovery process.

Continue the Recovery Process. After backing up files to an external device or CD/DVDs, select to perform a system recovery.

Obtain and install updates for the HP. After your system reboots, use HP update manager as well as Windows update to restore all critical updates to your HP computer.

Make a set of recovery disks. Use HP Recovery Manager > Advanced Options to create a set of recovery disks that can be used in the event of that your HP cannot access the hard drive.