How to Create a Booklet in Publisher

Microsoft Publisher can easily be configured to create a folded booklet. The booklet can contain any number of pages, in sets of four, and can feature text and images on both sides of the pages. Booklets can be created for a variety of reasons such as: club rules and regulations, self-publishing, cookbooks, magazines or newsletters.

Click the Start menu, go to All Programs and open Microsoft Publisher. Bypass the Creation Wizard by closing the box. A new unsaved publication will open.

Click the File tab on the unsaved publication. Open Page Set-Up and check Special Fold. From the Special Fold pull-down menu, check Book Fold.

Adjust the size of your booklet underneath the Book Fold Box. Change the paper orientation to Landscape to create a paperback-sized booklet. Check Portrait to create a larger magazine-type booklet. Click OK.

Click Yes to allow Publisher to add three additional pages to your booklet. This is required because the booklet wizard only works with sets of four pages. Add more pages to your booklet by clicking Insert >Pages.

Type text in your booklet by clicking on the page where you want the text and begin typing. Remember that large areas of text will automatically be continued to the next page of the booklet.

Insert a picture or clip art into your booklet by clicking the Insert tab and choosing Picture or Clip Art. Choose the image you want to add and click OK. Position the picture in the booklet by clicking on the picture and dragging it into place with your mouse.

Save the booklet by clicking on the File tab and choosing Save As. Type in a name for the booklet in the dialogue box. Save the booklet as Publisher Files if the booklet is only going to be published once. Save the booklet as a Publisher Template if the booklet will be a regular publication. Click OK.

Click Print under the File tab and open Printer Preferences. Choose two-sided printing. Click OK to begin printing. After the document has finished printing, fold the pages in half to create the booklet. Staple larger booklets in the page fold to keep the pages from falling out.

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