How to make a birthday card from a child to dad

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A birthday card from a child to a dad is one of those craft projects that will become an instant hit. Even the least sentimental dad will save the card, even propping it up on his desk or on his dresser. The card can be funny or serious, depending on the age of the child. The birthday card can be created using paper and arts and crafts supplies, or it can be done on a computer. Use the method that will accommodate the child's age and skills.

Brainstorm some ideas with the child to create the card. The best way to make the card personal is to ask the child some simple questions. Use a pencil and paper to keep track of the answers. Ask the child his favourite things about his dad. Ask the child about his favourite activity that he does with his dad.

Fold a piece of card stock in half. Use a ruler to run over the fold to make it neat. Cut the card into a shape that reflects a favourite activity of the child and the father. The card could be cut into the shape of a ball, a fish, or a book.

Have the child decorate the card with markers or crayons. Write, "Happy Birthday, Dad!" on the front of the card. Add a photo of the child or the child and the dad to the front of the card. For a computer-designed card, use clip art of parents and children from (See Resources)

Write down the child's favourite things about her dad, and their favourite activities, based on the information you asked her earlier. "Sally loves Dad because he tells funny jokes. She especially likes when they go for walks in the park," is one example of how to personalise the card.

Make the card funny by adding more information to the card. Ask the child what he doesn't like about his dad. Add a sentence to the beginning of the card that reads, "I love you, Dad, even though [fill in the blank]." Make the rest of the card using the other information.

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