How to Treat Psoriasis With Black Seed Oil


Black seed oil may be used to help heal a number of skin conditions. Since black seed oil alleviates itching and aids in preventing infection, it's an effective way to treat psoriasis without the use of prescription drugs.

The following steps will explain how to use black seed oil to treat psoriasis when taken both externally and internally.

For external application, the skin should be clean and dry. Apply a generous amount of black seed oil to the affected areas.

Gently rub the black seed oil into the areas of the body affected by psoriasis until it is absorbed. The oil should be left on the skin for a minimum of three hours. For best results, apply black seed oil before bedtime and leave on overnight.

Remove the black seed oil when desired using mild soap and water. Do not scrub or use abrasive cleaners to remove the oil. For most effective treatment, black seed oil should be applied daily.

For the internal treatment of psoriasis, take 1 tsp (5ml) of black seed oil three times a day. Mix the black seed oil with a beverage or honey to avoid irritation of the digestive system.

Combine the external and internal treatments daily for optimal results.