How to Remove Ridges Off Your Finger and Toe Nails

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Maintain beautiful fingernails and toenails by reducing the ridges in your nails. Nail ridges appear on the nail bed in a vertical or horizontal position. According to Become Gorgeous, vertical nail ridges are the product of a trauma to the nail or are genetic, while horizontal nail ridges are the result of an injury or trauma to the base of the nail. The ridges are removed easily and painlessly; however, once removed, take the proper steps to ensure the nails remain healthy and strong.

Remove nail polish on the nail using nail polish remover and cotton balls. You cannot remove the ridges if nail polish resides on the nail bed.

Purchase a nail buffer, available at beauty and chemists, or a nail file. Use the buffer or nail file to gently remove the ridges. Do not file any smooth nails, only the nails with the ridges. Move the file or buffer in the direction of the ridge, not against it.

Use a nail brush to dust away the file or buffer dust. Use your finger to rub across the nail to ensure the ridge is completely removed.

Apply a nail moisturiser to the nail and rub in with your fingertips. The moisturiser will help the nail bed and cuticle to retain moisture before you apply a strengthening polish.

Apply a nail strengthener to all the fingernails or toenails. Strengtheners will give the nails a hard exterior and protect the nail bed from the elements. You can use a strengthener under nail polish as a base coat to protect nails while wearing a nail colour.

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