How to make a knight costume

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Despite the complex looking metal armour and chainmail, a medieval knight costume is much easier to make than you might think. Creating your own costume is often much cheaper than buying or hiring one from a fancy dress shop. Assembling simple pieces such as a white T-shirt, trousers and a few accessories can produce a realistic knight costume.

Buy an oversized white shirt that is one to two sizes larger than your usual size. Wash the shirt before beginning work on your costume.

Create a cross on the white shirt. Take a large piece of red felt material and trace a cross on the material with a pen. After you have traced the desired shape, use scissors to cut out the cross.

Glue the cross to the shirt. Lay the shirt flat on a table and choose where you would like the cross to be. Use a glue gun to stick the cross to the shirt.

Choose a pair of black trousers to finish the costume. Select a pair of snug-fitting black tracksuit bottoms.

Create a sash. Buy around 1.8 metres (2 yards) of brown fabric to create a sash for your waist. Measure your waist, and make a sash that is twice as long as the measurement. For example, if your waist is 75 cm (30 inches), cut a sash that is 150 cm (60 inches) long and about 12.5 cm (5 inches) wide.

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