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How to Draw Holding Hands

Updated April 17, 2017

Many artists think that drawing hands is one of the toughest parts of human anatomy. So, drawing interlinked hands may seem even harder. Actually, it can be quite easy if you plan your angles before you draw and use the marks as guides throughout the drawing.

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  1. Start the drawing by sketching the angles that the fingers and thumbs make. Don't worry about details or overlapping. This step takes the confusion out of the shapes. Draw this step with a soft pencil that is easy to erase, such as a large number 2 pencil.

  2. Draw the thumbs around their angle marks. The thumbs are basically large "U" shapes.

  3. Draw the fingers using the angle marks that you drew, as shown in the illustration.

  4. Add the hole in the hands between the thumbs by looking at the wrinkles that makes up the hole. Draw the wrinkles as overlapping "J" shapes.

  5. Erase any extra angle lines and add details such as nails and skin folds. The skin folds usually look like three lines on taunt skin and like overlapping "J'" shapes on loose skin. Add shading depending on your light source.

  6. Tip

    Drawing angles can help when drawing any hand situation.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper

About the Author

Since 1998 Alina McKee has written for dozens of traditional and online beauty, fashion, health and parenting publications including, Mama Health and Real Beauty. As a professional artist, her articles about these subjects have been used in magazines and websites around the globe. McKee has a diploma in fine art from Stratford Art School.

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