How to Install a Fully Integrated Dishwasher

A fully integrated dishwasher is a great looking addition to any kitchen. With just a few extra simple steps you can install a fully integrated dishwasher in your kitchen and enjoy the clean look. Installing it yourself will save money on the installation work. Plus, a flush-front dishwasher takes up less space while not interupting the flow of your counter space.

Run the plumbing and wiring to the "safe" area shown on the diagram in your integrated dishwasher installation instructions. Have an electrician run new wire from the breaker box, if necessary.

Put the hook onto the aesthetic panel of the dishwasher and attach it to the front of the dishwasher. This panel is sold separately and usually matches the wood grain of the kitchen cabinetry. The manufacturer of the dishwasher has specific dimensions that the panel must meet.

Screw the panel into place after you position it to fit correctly on the front of the dishwasher body.

Open the door and test its motion. Often, since aesthetic door panels have different weights, you'll need to adjust the door. Adjust the door springs according to the manufacturer's directions. Do this by turning the adjustment screw located near the side of the door.

Hook the drain tee up to the dishwasher drain hose following the recommendations in the installation instructions. In most cases, you'll simply clamp the drain hose onto the assembly.

Run the wire to the electrical box on the dishwasher and use wire nuts to connect the green, white and black wires together. Be sure to install the Romex wire into the box following the manufacturer's recommendations.

Slide your integrated dishwasher into place and attach it to the underside of your countertop. Do this by using the screws provided to screw the top bracket up and into the countertop. Check the door one last time for proper operation, and make sure the screws don't scrape against the aesthetic panel.

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