Where to Buy Liquid Grass Seed


Hydroseed, or liquid grass seed, is a mixture of grass seed, water, fertiliser and wood mulch. Cheaper than laying sod and easier than seeding, hydroseeding is usually only done by companies, due to the tools needed to mix the ingredients. Hydroseeding companies use a large tank and augers to blend the mixture, then they spray it onto the topsoil using long tubes. Because of this, it is difficult to buy liquid grass seed as a stand-alone product. However, it can be done.

Go directly to a manufacturer. Hydroterra Products sells hydroseeders and liquid grass seed (see Resources below). The Corporate Grounds also sells hydroseeding supplies (see Resources below).

Talk to a local landscaping or hydroseeding company. Sometimes they will be willing to sell you small units of their liquid grass seed, and they might also rent you one of their units. You will have a better chance of success if you talk to a local, small company rather than a chain company.

Visit your nearest garden supply centre. Many sell small quantities of liquid grass seed, for patching purposes. You can apply the hydroseed with a small unit used for spraying weed killer on weeds.

Buy it from a company that will install it for you. It is best to purchase the liquid grass seed along with an installation package. Hydroseed companies have the best equipment for the job, and most have a money-back guarantee in the event the grass does not grow for whatever reason (see Resources below).

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