How to put together a child's modeling portfolio

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Your child's modelling portfolio is the key to showing booking agents that your child has what it takes to take great photographs. Without a portfolio, the agent cannot see what capabilities your child has. Putting together a child's modelling portfolio is not difficult, but it should be done properly to gain the interest your child deserves.

Have several photographs of your child taken with different clothes on, using different facial expressions and in different scenery. You want the portfolio to show versatility, so you don't want every photograph to be too similar.

Choose 10 photographs that represent your child in the best way. Include some profile shots, some action shots, some smiling faces and some serious faces.

Send those 10 photographs out to be professionally printed, sized 8 by 10 inches. Do not try to print them yourself at home. The quality will be much better if you send them to a professional printer.

Put the photographs into page protector sheets with holes for a three-ring binder. Place them in the binder, saving the best photograph for the cover.

Put your child's best photograph on the front of the binder under the plastic cover. This photograph should be a closeup, with no accessories to distract from your child herself.

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