How to Dress Like Storm From the X-Men

Storm, born Ororo Munroe in Northern Africa, is best known as one of the prominent members of the Marvel superhero team the" X-Men." Storm was one of the first female African-American superheroes and one of the most well known of all time. Her abilities are deeply rooted in nature.

She can control and change the weather on command, causing hurricanes, tornadoes or even snow storms. Her costumes reflect her roots in Africa as well as her mutant power.

When Storm first appeared in the X-Men comics, her costume was centred around the image of an African goddess. Because of her ability to control nature she was seen as a divine creature in her native land. This outfit consisted of a dark grey/black leotard held together by a gold ring at the centre of the stomach. Storm wore a signature cape and a black and gold headband in her hair. Her footwear was a pair of black thigh-high boots.

Another popular Storm costume is from the live action X-Men movies. In the films, Storm wore a leather body suit that acted more as armour. She had structured shoulders and steel toes boots that fit under her pant legs. Her cape was also made of leather. Don't forget her signature "X" belt buckle at the centre of her waist.

The 1990s animated version of the X-Men put Storm in a brighter, more heavenly costume. Her suit was all-white latex, trimmed in gold. She had two "X" patches on her chest and a white cape.

Storm's hair is her most recognisable feature. Throughout the years, her costumes have changed but her hair holds true to its platinum-white colour. Her hair is supposed to be a homage to the clouds, since she is the weather goddess. Whatever wig you choose for her hair has to be this colour. While the cut and shape can vary, the colour has to be the same.