How to Make Parking Brake Adjustments in a Mazda6

Make parking brake adjustments on your Mazda 6 using the dash light as a guide for the adjustment measure. You need to adjust your parking brake when your car starts to slip when parked on a hill, and this is a repair you can make yourself. Use this technique to make parking brake adjustments for your Mazda 6 from the year 2004 or newer.

Start your Mazda6 engine. Press on the brake pedal and release it three or four times. Turn your car's engine off.

Remove the center console cover from between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat by taking off the hooks and lifting the cover.

Use your wrench or pliers to adjust the adjusting nut. Turning the adjusting nut around the cable to adjust the parking brake lever.

Pull the brake lever up one notch. Turn on the engine and verify the parking brake warning light turns on. Release the parking brake lever.

Raise up your Mazda6 with a jack and support the rear wheels with jack stands. Verify the rear wheels turn freely when the parking brake lever releases.

Lower your Mazda6 using the jack and remove the jack stands from the rear wheels. Replace the center console cover and put the hooks back into place by hand.

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