How to Replace the Serpentine Belt in a Ford Focus

The Ford Focus generally has a dedicated drive belt, sometimes called the serpentine belt, that drives the alternator, power steering, and air conditioning compressor. Ford recommends checking this belt every 6,000 miles or 6 months for possible replacement.

This guide covers the newer Ford Focus models from 2000-2005. Check your owner's documentation for specific tools, methods and systems for your model year.

Jack up the front of the vehicle and support it on jack stands. Use a wrench to remove two bolts and take off the drive belt lower cover.

Note belt routing and make a sketch for your reference if you don't have a belt routing diagram from the manufacturer.

Find the belt tensioner pulley. Use your wrench to rotate the tensioner pulley by pulling clockwise on a bolt in the center of the pulley. Slip the old belt off of the tensioner pulley.

Release the belt tensioner. Slip the belt off of the pulleys and install the new belt according to your routing diagram.

Rotate the tensioner again to allow the new belt to slip over the tensioner pulley. Release the tensioner again. Replace the drive belt lower cover and lower the vehicle.