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How to Replace the Fuses in a Ford Focus

Introduced in 2000, the Ford Focus continues production every year. Although this line of cars is still relatively new, you can experience a fuse blowout. When this happens, exchange it for a working new fuse in minutes.

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  1. Shut off the ignition in your Ford Focus before you replace a fuse. Find the fuse box near the brake pedal, below and to the left of your steering wheel.

  2. Pull the panel cover to open the box and access the fuses. Check the inside of the cover for a listing of fuse locations. For example, a 2000 Ford Focus houses the horn fuse in slot 34.

  3. Use the fuse puller that's in the fuse box to remove the fuse. If a fuse is blown, the wire in the middle of it will be severed or melted.

  4. Replace the blown fuse with a new one of the same rating. In the horn example referenced in Step 2, the fuse has a 20-amp rating.

  5. Shut the fuse panel door and check the new fuse once you restart the Focus.

  6. Tip

    There is a power distribution in the engine compartment that houses the high current (or maxi) fuses. So if you need to replace one of these, such as for the anti-lock brake system, look for it there.

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Things You'll Need

  • Fuse puller
  • Same rating fuse

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