How to Kill Spiders Without Bug Spray

Many people are afraid of spiders, and don't want anything to do with catching them and putting them outside. When you have spiders in your house, whether it's just one or a nest of many, there are ways to kill them that won't require you to use bug spray.

If there is only one spider, you could squish him with a fly swatter or a shoe. If you are too afraid to do this yourself, call a family member in to do it for you. If the spider is too high to reach, go on to Step 2.

Spray it with hairspray. This will make the spider unable to move, and he will die within a couple of minutes. Hairspray can be sprayed within a couple of feel, so you don't have to be within reach of it to kill it.

If there is no hairspray handy, spray it with some smell perfume or men's cologne. The chemicals in it should kill the spider. If he starts to crawl away, you may need to do Step 1.

Call a neighbour to come help you. If you are home alone, and there is a spider, you might be so fearful that you become unable to do anything about it. Calling a neighbour or a friend over for help may be the thing to do. Keep in mind that whomever you call may not let you live it down, but at least the nasty spider will be dead.

Use cleaning products, such as window cleaner to kill the spider. Anything you spray may kill a spider. You never know until you try.

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