How to Create a Folded Booklet in Word 2003

While many users rely on Microsoft Word to make simple, straightforward documents, it is also capable of handling many other types of projects. This article will show you how to make a folded booklet in Word, complete with whatever text and graphics you choose.

The uses of these booklets are nearly endless: you can detail your company’s history; write a story for a classroom full of children; or compile a collection of your favourite poems.

Open Microsoft Word, and then create a new, blank document. You can do this by clicking the "New Blank Document" button on the toolbar or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N.

Click "File" on the toolbar, and then click "Page Setup." The "Page Setup" box will open. Make sure you are on the "Margins" tab.

Go to the drop-down menu under "Pages," next to "Multiple Pages." Select "Book fold." You will now see some more options that have been added to the dialogue box.

Change the margins in the "Margins" area at the top of the box. In the "Sheets Per Booklet" drop-down menu, choose the number of pages you want your booklet to have. Click "OK."

Enter text and insert graphics into your booklet, just as you would with any other Word document. When you are finished making your booklet, click on the "Print Preview" button on the toolbar to see how your booklet will look when it is printed. If it looks good to you, print away!