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How to Buy Wholesale Dry Dog Food in Bulk

Any pet owner interested in saving money should consider buying wholesale dry dog food in bulk. This can also take the stress out of ensuring that a dog always has something to eat.

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  1. Shop around for the best deals by consulting warehouses and pet stores. These types of stores usually have large bags of bulk dry dog food for sale and typically advertise sales. Call the stores or check newspaper advertisements until you come across reasonably priced bags.

  2. Pay attention to the expiration date on the dry dog food bag. Consider how much food your dog can consume before the expiration date. In most cases, buying six months' worth of dry dog food is acceptable.

  3. Purchase the biggest bag of dry dog food possible. Your savings will increase as you buy bigger bags. Some stores may offer one special price for a number of bags. If this happens, you can buy the dog food in bulk by purchasing a case.

  4. Plan ahead by purchasing a large dry dog food storage container. Leaving your dry dog food in its bag while you regularly use it can expose it to vermin and moisture. Keeping your dog's food in a special container designed to store it can keep your dog's food fresh and save you the hassle of prematurely replenishing a large dog food supply.

  5. Warning

    Make purchases based on your dog's dietary restrictions and tastes. Do not buy dog food in bulk just because it will save you money if you know your dog will have trouble digesting the food or doesn't like it. Don't buy your dog food over the Internet. Ensure that you receive fresh dog food by purchasing it from a store. If you purchase dry dog food in bulk over the Internet, you may also have to pay high shipping charges.

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