How to Buy a Spin Art Machine

Aspiring artists and crafty parents alike love the creativity and fun that a spin art machine has to offer. Play dates, birthday parties and other festivities are great occasions for spin art machines. Your perfect spin art machine can be large or small; it all depends on what you use it for. The best machines are easy to use, regardless of the age of the artist. Read on to learn how to buy a spin art machine.

Decide on a purpose for your spin art machine. Perhaps you want it as an accessory for your craft room or an entertaining activity for your child's next party or event.

Consider a storage place and whether its size will fit a large or small machine.

Determine what you want to paint. Some machines allow artists to paint paper, while others are appropriate for clothing.

Look at large and small machines. Some machines have two spinners and places to store paint and paper, while others have a single spinner and no storage space.

Find and purchase the appropriate sized machine to fit your purpose and your storage location.

Purchase the right type of paint for your project. Some projects need special fabric paints.

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