How to create a pink lady costume

The pink ladies are the premiere clique of Rydell High. An important part of the hit musical "Grease," Pink Ladies dress to impress. They are a group of forever friends that are linked together by the pink jackets they don. Here is how you can create your very own Pink Lady costume.

This costume is especially fun when a group of girls go out wearing Pink Lady costumes together.

Pull your hair into a high ponytail. You want to look classic, classy and very reminiscent of the 1950's. Make sure to tie a ribbon in your hair. Curl up the ends for a fancy ponytail sensation.

Put on a button down shirt, and adorn a poodle skirt. A dress that flows in the same way a poodle skirt does is also an alternative. You want to go for a beautiful but cute ensemble.

Put on the most important part of your costume. A pink jacket should fit comfortably, but it also needs to be form fitting. The pink ladies are not ashamed to show off their beauty in a classy way. If you do not own a pink jacket, consider using fabric paint. It can be shiny! For best effect, it should also say "Pink Lady" or "Pink Ladies."

Wear bobby socks with cute white tennis shoes. You are innocent, but you're ready to run! A pink lady is always prepared.

Watch both "Grease" and "Grease 2" for additional Pink Lady inspiration. Although the first one is by far more loved and more acclaimed, the second film goes more into what it means to be a Pink Lady.