How to Drive After a Hysterectomy

Many women have a hysterectomy due to health reasons such as cancer or fibroid tumors in the uterus. Since a hysterectomy is a major surgery, it takes time for your body to heal and recover. You're not able to perform certain activities until your body completely heals from the surgery. If you are considering driving a vehicle after a hysterectomy, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn how to drive after a hysterectomy.

Visit your doctor for a post-operative checkup. Your doctor can determine whether your body is properly recovering and can tell you when you can drive a vehicle. The recovery time for a hysterectomy varies depending upon the type of surgery you have.

Allow your body to rest and recover before driving a vehicle. Make sure that you have gotten plenty of rest and have the strength to drive.

Dress appropriately after your surgery. If you are going to drive after a hysterectomy, you should dress comfortably and wear loose fitting clothing until your body completely heals.

Adjust your seat belt to a comfortable fit. Make sure it fits a little loose and keep a pillow between your stomach and the seat belt. This helps ease the pain and discomfort you may feel.

Take small trips and stay close to home until your body completely recovers. Avoid any extensive driving for long periods of time. Also, drive within the speed limit and avoid driving too closely behind another vehicle (just in case you have to come to a sudden stop).

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