How to get paid to sleep

Believe it or not, there are ways to get paid while you sleep. You probably can't get rich from any of these endeavors, but they can help to supplement your daytime income or pay bills between jobs. Many of them also allow you to follow a normal routine during the day.

Earn extra cash by participating in a paid sleep study if you have a sleep disorder such as insomnia, sleep apnea or narcolepsy. These studies typically require spending several nights at a sleep center where you are monitored while you sleep.

Apply for a government-sponsored study relating to sleep or the effects of certain factors on sleep. The study may last several weeks and require following strict rules and sleeping in a lab.

Participate in clinical sleep studies held by sleep labs and university medical centers. Look in your local paper, Backpage, Craig's List or nearby medical center websites for studies. You need to fit certain criteria related to age, health history and sleep habits. Studies can last from one night to several days.

Look for an overnight babysitting job that pays for your time spent sleeping. Additional duties may include feeding the children breakfast and taking them to school. Look on Craig's List and similar sites for a job like this.

Set up a passive income stream. You can do this through Internet activities like paid blogs, Internet marketing or online sales. While you are not technically being paid for the act of sleeping, it's possible to generate income 24 hours a day--even in your sleep.

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